Top Movies Ever Made On Soccer

#10 Maradona (2008)

It was a cinematic marriage made in heaven. Volatile Argentina football legend Diego Maradona opening up his life for equally mercurial Serbian director Emir Kusturica, who followed the Pibe de Oro across Buenos Aires in this enthralling documentary. The filmmaker could be accused of getting a little too close to his subject; the mutual understanding between the two temperamental artists at times grates, as Kusturica willfully glosses over the less savory details of Diego's life in favor of presenting the myth. But he is redeemed by some truly brilliant scenes. An interview with Maradona inside one of Buenos Aires' most notorious "cabaret" bars, surrounded by half-naked dancers, is a particular highlight. As is the filming of the marriage between two members of the Church of Maradona, in the middle of Argentinos Juniors' pitch, which culminates in the bride picking up a football and drop kicking it into a throng of guests. 

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