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#5 Push Up

One of the most under rated, but most powerful exercises in existence is the push-up. 1) Get into a face-down position on the floor. 2) Place both your hands palms-down on the floor, around shoulder width apart. They should be around your shoulders while your elbows are directed towards your feet. 3) Put only the balls of your feet on the ground, your toes should be pointed upward at this point. 4) Push yourself up only using your arms. Your body weight should now be placed on your hands and feet. Make sure your back is straight and maintain great posture. The position you are currently in is called the plank. This is the start and finish of a push-up. Repeat 10-15 and that is one set. Do 3 sets. There are many other types of push-ups such as the “wide grip” and the “Diamond” push-ups.

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