Coming Soon Disney Movies Until 2018

#15 Maleficent

Who doesn’t know Maleficent? The coolest Disney villain from the classic Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty” finally has her own movie. Please note that it is not just a live action movie with the same story of the animated version. The story will be based on Sleeping Beauty, of course. However, the story will be told from opposite perspective, the villain herself. Also, in the classic animated movie, Princess Aurora never meets in person with Maleficent. In this movie, they will! It is more exciting as Angelina Jolie will play Maleficent and Princess Aurora will be played by Elle Fanning. Maleficent will spread her magic on May 30, 2014. How is about other upcoming Disney movies? Toy Story 4? New Disney Princess? Check out through the next pages to find out all upcoming movies Disney has in store for you until 2018!

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