Disney Characters Who Exist in Real Life

#10  Quasimodo

Who doesn't know Quasimodo? He is the bell ringer from the Disney’s film “The Hunchback of the Notre Dame” who always hides himself in the cathedral because he has different look. Because of this, it makes him afraid to show his appearance in public and let people see. Lately, researchers found that this hunchback was a real person. A very old man who was living in 19th century, Henry Sibson, admitted that there was a stonemason who worked at Notre Dame. This man was also a carver and a loner. More surprisingly, he was a hunchback. A skeleton of a hunchback was also found in Paris at that time. Coincidence? Maybe not. In Disney version, Quasimodo is also a loner and a carver. Victor Hugo, the author of this story, might be inspired of this hunchback who really lived that time, so he created Quasimodo as a fictional character. Actually Quasimodo is not the only Disney character who is secretly based on true story. If you look through the next pages, you will get surprised to find out some other characters are exist in real life, even Disney Princesses and Tinkerbell.

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