Chaos in Egypt: The Whole Story

#1 Egypt in Turmoil

After the end of President Mubarak’s nearly 30 years of power, the people of Egypt held their first democratic election. Muhammad Morsi, who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood party, was elected to lead the tumultuous country. Just one year later, and after many accusations of negligence and incompetence, President Morsi’s political opponents laid down their demands for change within the country. By July 3rd, time was up. Seventeen million people turned out nationwide, and at the doorstep of the presidential palace to protest his unwillingness to step down. So now, Egypt is finding itself in a familiar bind; stuck between a dictatorship and an uncertain future. What exactly caused them to make such a radical move against their first democratically elected president? Can this reasonably be referred to as a coup d'état? And what is the plan now?

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