Is the American Dream Over?

#1 The American Dream is Changing

The American Dream has typically referred to the idea that anyone can come to America and be successful no matter their status upon entry. However, some people feel that the wealth gap has increased so much that the American Dream ceases to exist as we know it. After WWII, soldiers coming home from the war had their college paid for by the government thanks to the GI Bill. This created a nation of well-educated workers who were able to earn money for their families like never before. This also allowed for money for leisure activities, allowing stars like Elvis Presley to rise from poverty to stardom. When paired with the war-fueled booming economy the country saw widespread prosperity that resulted in a large middle class. Technological advancements have changed that picture of relative financial equality in modern America. The highly educated have embraced knowledge and modern advancements that allow them to make obscene amounts of money. A weak economy and a labor force that is becoming less and less suited to the increasingly complex technology has brought up the question: can the average Joe still strike it big in the USA?

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